Oregon Impact

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Oregon Impact

The impact of the 澳门四不像论坛 is all around you.

Since its founding in 1876, the UO has been at the forefront of innovation and discovery鈥攊ts affects felt across all 36 Oregon counties and beyond. The very fabric of our state is interwoven into who we are and what we do. We are deep in the woods fighting climate change; in front of elementary school classrooms improving education; in the clinics addressing behavioral health; and in our communities strengthening Oregon鈥檚 workforce.

Our state is our name. We are Oregon.

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Behavioral Health

At the UO, compassion and innovation unite to tackle the pressing challenges of behavioral and mental health in Oregon. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to transform lives and communities through research, dedicated education, and unwavering support to pave the way for a healthier, happier, and more resilient Oregon for all.

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Climate Change, Environmental Protections

The UO is a beacon of climate action in Oregon. We are dedicated to leading the charge in the fight against climate change, forging a sustainable path forward while also building infrastructure for a more resilient Pacific Northwest to stand against natural disasters.

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Early Literacy/Education

Together, our passion for education and commitment to early literacy shape a brighter future for Oregon's youth. We believe that access to quality education is the foundation of progress, and we're dedicated to creating a lasting impact in our state. Through pioneering research, dedicated outreach, and innovative educational programs, we strive to equip the next generation with the tools they need to succeed.

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Workforce Development

Through research, skill development, and collaborative initiatives, the UO is dedicated to creating a thriving job market that empowers both graduates and the state of Oregon. The UO is making jobs of the future, while innovating for the jobs of today.

Oregon Impact

From Curry to Wallowa and Malheur to Clatsop, the 澳门四不像论坛鈥檚 impactful reach spans the entire state鈥攁nd the numbers demonstrate our continued commitment to strengthening the state of Oregon.


Our promise of full tuition and fees, and comprehensive support for qualifying, low-income Oregonians

PathwayOregon makes higher education accessible for our state鈥檚 most in need. The program ensures that academically qualified, Federal Pell Grant-eligible Oregonians have 100 percent of their undergraduate tuition and fees covered. In addition to financial support, the program provides tailored academic support and career guidance to ensure students succeed and graduate on time.